Friday, September 28, 2018

Roadkill Resurrection

Yes, I put the informal title first. Here's the real one: What to say to People who Demand more Evidence for God.
Why is there something rather than nothing?
Glacier National Park. © 2018.
The question is, how much evidence do you require? Would Jesus have to come back and slap you in the face with evidence that He is God? It seems to me that there is a line we must draw. We do this in all other areas of our lives, so why would we treat theism any different? When a court convicts, they do so “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I would like to take a few moments to explore this a bit.
But before we get to that, I want to pose a question, which is… why are you the standard? What makes you think He has to prove His existence to everyone individually? He already created the universe from nothing. In the beginning, there was a big bang. Seriously… do you believe your mom when she tells you a story about her day? Did you believe the reports of 9/11 when they were happening? Do you accept the testimony of anything you hear on social media, but not in things that have been attested thoroughly?
Jesus’ disciples, who were thoroughly Jewish, completely abandoned their faith and converted to Christianity... because of the evidence. They saw Him walk on water, turn water into wine, raise people from the dead, saw Him dead and raised to life again. If anyone of us saw these things, it would change our lives forever, just as it did with these men.
They were not anyone special. The Bible paints them in a light of almost being bumbling knuckleheads. They frequently asked Jesus strange questions; they didn’t understand a lot of Jesus’ teaching on the spot, signifying that they may have had poor comprehension; they denied Him; they abandoned Him when things got hot. They were all thoroughly human, as we can clearly see. So what makes their testimony about Jesus so powerful?
Imagine you saw in your neighborhood road kill on the side of the road, flattened like a wet sweater, and you kept on seeing it disintegrate and degrade, day after day. You knew whose cat it was and you felt bad for the little girl who is going to have to come to grips with losing it. You watch the mom and dad of the little girl scrape up the cat off the road in front of their little girl with a snow shovel, and they dug a hole for it and had a funeral for the sake of the little girl. You saw the mound every morning when you were drinking your coffee.
One day you look outside and see the mound dug up. You first think it was the dog of the neighbor on the other side of the road, and you grumble under your breath that you hate dogs. “They are so stupid.” You say. Then later that day you see this same cat alive, and in the arms of the little girl. Her parents are standing there beside her, bewildered. You asked her about it and she said that this was the same cat. You could still see the tire treads across his back. You knew this was the same animal, because it had the same markings in his fur and such, but also because you knew the quirky personality of the cat.
This experience, if it were true, would change your life forever, even after being in the Psych Ward 12 years. You would still talk about it. You would not be able to keep silent, even after being highly medicated. It would impact your life so immensely, the only way you would stop talking about it is if you were dead.
The Disciples of Christ took what they saw to the grave. They died for simply what they believed. At the threat of death, don't you think they would have recanted if it were all false or some kind of joke? We have evidence because of their testimony, but not only because of their testimony. The evidence for Christianity is a cumulative case. Do the research for yourself. Don't just look at things against it, but also for it. Discover the truth.

Written by Nace Howell through the grace of the Lord Jesus