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Healthy Fear

  I was a men’s group leader for a large group of guys in Pennsylvania and we always did things with wood, whether it was cutting logs for firewood and then chopping them up. One time, the young group of guys got all excited because they found a bunch of pine trees that were freshly cut laying on the side of the road for free and they filled their pickup full of these giant logs. Quite literally, some of them were the size of a loveseat. It was kind of a strong man thing. But we had this fire pit that was smaller and so we had to cut these logs the size of loveseats up and then chop them. We had crazy bonfires… I had my chainsaw and one of them borrowed their brother’s chainsaw, you know how that goes, and I let some of the guys run mine. One could easily tell the guys who have run them before from those who haven’t. The ones who have run them, would actually cut the logs efficiently. The ones who haven’t, would cut the logs with terrified and timid motions, unproductively and in