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Straight from the Horses Mouth

  The title of this article means — from the original or most reliable source . “Why would I want to read a book that is 2000 years old?” I was asked this question by a high schooler in a discussion about a book by Anton LaVey. That book was the Satanic Bible . He said that he thought it made more sense than a book that was written over 2000 years ago or more. The idea here is that a book written over two thousand years ago would not be trustworthy because it is so old. Not only would this be an issue of absolute truths (whether they exist or not), but also that more modern writings are supposedly more trustworthy. If absolute truths do not exist, then we can literally know nothing. If they do exist, then time would have no effect on such things. Islam, for instance, came 600 years after Christ. Why should we trust what it says about Jesus? Let’s first look at a few examples of what the Quran says about Jesus. Surely the likeness of Isa [Jesus] is with Allah as the lik