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The Chronolgy of the Gospel of John

I have read or listened to the Gospel of John well over 300 times, and in my studies, I discovered that John follows a specific chronological order, I believe, based on the Passover. After doing some research, I found one source on some similar data. Below is a link to Andreas K√∂stenberger’s Johannine Chronology . K√∂stenberger reveals a chronology of John’s Gospel with the telos of a specific crucifixion year, as well as insight on the events of the earthly ministry of Christ. I, however, am more interested in how John built his Gospel around the three mentioned Passovers. John 2:23; 6:4; and 12:1 mark the three different Passovers, showing three different years. I have placed below, verses after the Passover references which reveal them to be chronological and ultimately sequential. The Gospel of John was built around seven miracles and the seven I AM statements, theologically speaking, but it seems that many