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Insufficient Buddhism

A young Buddha leaves his wife and newborn, Battambang, Cambodia. Buddhism is interesting in that it teaches about the suffering that most people seem to experience. With that being said, allow me to discuss the basic tenets of Buddhism. The Four "Noble Truths" are that to live is to suffer (dukkha). That is the first Noble Truth in Buddhism. The second is that suffering is caused by attachment. The third noble truth is that eliminating attachment will eliminate suffering. The forth noble truth tells us how to do that, which is by following the Noble Eight-fold Path. In simple elaboration, 1. Suffering exists. 2. We suffer because we are attached to things like our cars and wives and jobs, and it hurts when they break or die. 3. We cease suffering by releasing our attachment to things, whether they are our wives, cars, or jobs, etc. 4. We release attachment by following the Noble Eight-fold Path.            One major problem with this is that in order for this al