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So... Joseph Smith Had Several Wives... Now What?

Finally. Mormons are admitting to the polygamous lifestyle of their founder, Joseph Smith. According to the NY Times, some of the members’ reaction to the news is very disturbing, revealing a loss of hope ( ). The “transparency” of the LDS in this case might just be the straw that broke the camels’ back for many Mormons across the globe. For many of the members of the LDS, they were unaware of the polygamous status that Smith had. It seems that the LDS has covered this up—well—from their members for several decades. Because of this, there are definitely a few questions that this “transparency” of the LDS will create. For one thing, what else will they admit about their history? Will they admit that Joseph Smith made up the language of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics? Will they admit that the wars in the Book of Mormon never took place since there is no real evidence arch


INTRODUCTION Why are there people that do not believe in the New Testament message? It has so much to offer including hope, forgiveness of sins, wisdom, education concerning how to live, and much, much more. It is the answer to the fall of mankind; together with the Old Testament, the Bible is the manual of life.   For centuries, people have been disputing the message of Christ found in the New Testament, yet, His message still lives. There are some, however, who believe that the New Testament is nothing but a myth. It seems that people choose not to believe in Jesus because people (not evidences), believe truth is relative and are changeable (unlike evidence). In this article, we will ultimately discuss why there is more to unbelief in the New Testament, even though there is not a lack of archaeological proof. With this, let’s dive right in and analyze some of the archaeological evidence discovered in modern times that date back to the first few centuries A.D. In an