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God and Man: The Nature of Grace, Sin and Free Will

Introduction             Since the Beginning of Christian Theology, there has been great confusion, on what seems to be ambiguous, of the doctrine of soteriology. People throughout the centuries have argued, literally to death, on what the Bible speaks of concerning salvation and the nature of grace. It seems hard to argue the meaning of a lot of verses in Scripture, especially in the book of Romans, which seems to explicitly speak of the monergistic side of the nature of grace. Therefore, since we know that the book of Romans seems highly educated on the subject of grace, let’s not waste any more time and delve into the crevices of theology that are found there.                 It seems that most of the theological dialogue that has been going on through the centuries has taken most of its support from the book of Romans. In arguing against Pelagius, Augustine himself brings up many points using the strength of the book of Romans, and many other theologians seem to struggle w