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Why Are There So Many Different Religions?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions in the world? I frequently hear that number being estimated at over 4000. Over 4000 religions in the world today! Have you ever thought about why there are so many?  The answer to this question will take some unpacking, so bear with me and think about the following for a moment…  Objective beauty   is something that, as an object, is beautiful. It is not just beautiful to the subject (or, to the observer), but is something that is beautiful in and of itself. Objective beauty is something nearly all subjects find beautiful because the object itself is beautiful. It does not need subjects to confirm its beauty in order for it to be beautiful.    1. If objective beauty exists, then God exists. 2. Objective beauty exists. 3. Therefore, God exists.   If there is anything at all (even if it is only one thing) that is objectively beautiful, then objective beauty exists. If there are things in the universe that are objectively beautiful, t
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Sharper than Any Two-Edged Sword: The Integrity of the Bible is Second to None

The Bible, in comparison to other religious texts specifically, is the absolute truth. People sometimes assume that the Bible cannot be true because there are so many other options of biblical interpretation as well as so many other options of religions that claim to have sacred texts. With such availability, one often assumes that we cannot possibly know which religion is true, if any at all. The arguments in this paper will discuss some of the issues directly concerning the veracity of the Bible in comparison to other supposed, sacred or holy writings, and will establish the idea that the qualities of one sacred text does not necessarily mean that the next sacred text in line has those same qualities. Finally, there will be a discussion on truth, discerning the idea of relevance, and a brief ethical discussion of whether or not it is morally correct to explore the truth claims of other religions. Ultimately, this paper as a whole will seek to answer the question, “How can the Bible b