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The Genetic Fallacy

When someone makes a truth claim or statement, no matter who it came from, this claim must come under the Three Fundamental Laws of Logic . If the claim is true, then the source of the claim is irrelevant and arbitrary. The genetic fallacy ultimately reduces the significance of a claim because of its origins. For an extreme instance, Adolf Hitler said that smoking cigarettes are unhealthy, and tried to convince those around him to stop smoking. We think of Adolf Hitler as being an evil person and with anything he might have said, we perhaps want to dismiss it as something that is false, or we do not want to give what was said the time of day, so to speak. The problem is, sometimes the truth hurts, not always the claim itself, but where the claim or statement came from.  If a person does not like the source, no matter if he is usually described as an expletive, or if it is your mother-in-law, or a biker, or a janitor, or the Bible , it has nothing to do with the validity of the tru
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10 Things that made Jesus Stand Out in the Ancient World

Consider for a moment with me, the things about Jesus that were so attractive to people in the ancient times. Imagine that you were one of these people. How would you react to seeing such things with your own eyes, and experiencing these things with your own life? What would it do to you? What would you think about Jesus after seeing and experiencing these things? Ever wonder why was Jesus so popular in the ancient world, and why has He been the most studied person in human history? Perhaps the answers are found below. Here are ten things that made Jesus stand out in the ancient world.     1. He told the disciples where to fish . In Luke chapter 5, I believe we find something astonishing:   “One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. He saw at the water’s edge two boats, left there by the fishermen, who were washing their nets. He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and aske

All Religions by Their own Existence Claim Exclusivity

All religions can be false, but not all of them can be true . One religion can be true , which is what I argue for Christianity , but not all of them can be true because they oppose one another. Religions by their own existence imply exclusivity. Think about it… Would a religion exist if it thought another religion were the truth? Think of what is likely the most extreme example: Hinduism. Hinduism teaches that “there are almost no restrictions on personal beliefs, but in order to qualify as a Hindu, a religion has to (1) regard the Vedas as divinely inspired and authoritative, (2) accept the caste system, and (3) respect the veneration of the various levels of deities and spirits, including the protection of cows.” [1] Notice the wording in this citation: not that a person must do these things to qualify, but a religion must do these three things to qualify as Hinduism. The reason Hinduism is such an extreme example is because it is a polytheistic religion, having up to 330 mi

Response Letter to a Jehovah's Witness (Part 2)

“Loretta” replied to my response to her first letter (the reason I put her name in quotes is because I don’t believe it is her real name, since some of my friends have received similar letters from the same P.O. Box address under a different female name. But even if it is, her identity is clearly protected). As discussed in the first entry concerning this, I received a letter from a Jehovah’s Witness ( JW ) in the mail and a tract from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ( WBTS ), which is the organization of the JW’s. Please look at the first article concerning this conversation , because it is important to know what I replied, and how she responded (below). Notice that none of my questions to her were acceptably answered . Before we get to the letter, it should be noted that I have included the grammatical errors (in this hand-written letter) because I think that it gives strength to the statistics revealing the education levels of JW’s. They are told to not attend higher edu